Congratulations to DELED introduce ERP system implementation project
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DELED ERP system

In order to optimize the management process, improve the efficiency of management, DELED-led co., LTD., officially introduced in today's latest ERP system, the conference held in company conference room smoothly, DELED-led co., LTD., chairman Min ChangWei, deputy general manager Li xiong, manufacturing attended, finance director, general manager and ERP project working group staff as a whole and source letter for your software engineer attended the meeting.
The project implementation will be DELED-led establish integrated information management platform, to improve enterprise management, realize the management process of improve, improve the work quality and work efficiency, strengthen the competitiveness of the DELED-led construction force.
"It's not just a set of computer system, but also a set of modern enterprise management thoughts and ideas. It is the ultimate goal of to the enterprise business computerized, business must be closely combined with ERP software, with the aid of software function to carry out the daily work, eventually achieve the goal of spoke with data."

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