How to choose and buy a appropriate study eye production desk lamp?
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It is imperative to choose a real eye-protection lamp and nip myopia in the cradle.
Do you know many friends and relatives who have no nearsightedness?   
The eyes are not only the window of the mind, but also the main source of information.

More than 90 percent of the information we receive daily comes from vision. Everyone has a pair of eyes that can find the beauty of life, and can see the beauty of the world.

When the eyes appear problem, and then can not clearly see  the beautiful girl in the street, also can't see colourful ticket of the pocket. To drive even more carefully, this kind of fuzzy life, which impacts on the life is hard to imagine.

Many things will not be cherished when they are in possession, but it’s too late to regret once they are lost.

So we need to protect our eyes before we can see the colors of the world.

It is believed that many people find that the age of myopia is getting lower and lower. The cause of teenagers vision loss is relatively complex, but generally ,Long time and frequent use the eyes in a dim or flashing light, which is a important reason that cause the eyestrain ,eventually lead to myopia and other eye diseases.

It is imperative to choose a real eye-protection lamp and nip myopia in the cradle.

Because the current eye protection lamp market is mixed, and majority don’t know distinguish the real false of the eye protection lamp.

Today,DELED is sharing six points about choosing a proper eye protection lamp:

1 Anti-flicker

The flicker is look the screen of an appliance through the other one, and it has a bright line that goes from the bottom to the top then appears at the bottom. This way, we feel that the image is flashing.

Flicker measurement need professional instruments, here is a simple method to test flicker: look the light by using a mobile phone camera ,if there is a high frequency of flashing, it shows that there may be a serious flicker problem about the LED desk lamp .


2 Reduce blue light injury

In visible light, blue light is a very energetic, short wave light. Blu-ray exposure to the retina will produce free radicals, these free radicals will lead to retinal pigment epithelial cell decline, resulting in light-sensitive cells lack nutrients, causing visual impairment, and these damage is irreversible.

Blue Blu-ray lamp, the basic principle is using energy conversion principle to transform the 380 nm to 420 nm wavelength visible blue light into more than 420 nm wavelength of low-energy blue light, completely shield the high-energy shortwave Blu-ray cross, to protect our retina .

Please purchase a lamp with yellow and white light instead of blue and white light. Blue and white light is harmful to human eyes, while yellow and white light is suitable for reading and writing.

3. High Ra

Ra refers to the light source for the object color rendering degree called color rendering. The national regulation is RA80, the higher the better. Color is an important requirement for light eye protection. If the color of the light is poor, it is difficult to restore the original color.

Here is a simple method to check the Ra: With the palm of the blood red to check the lamp Ra , palm up on the lamp under 30cm, if the palm lines clear, complexion is ruddy, shows the light color is clear, color Reductive is good; And vice versa. Color pictures can also be used for comparison.

4.Middle color temperature

The color temperature is the color and temperature of the light . Desk lamp light is not the brighter the better, the light is soft for reading and studying ,the standard color temperature between 3800 and 4200K is the most suitable.

Read the same book in different color temperature , it is easy to compare the color temperature is higher ,the lights is more white lights, and the reflection of written is more dazzling; the color temperature is lower ,the lights is more warm lights, and the reflection of written is more soft, the less irritation to the eyes.

Several color temperature of the fluorescent lamp spectrum, from front to back by 2700K --- 4000k --- 6500k color temperature gradually increased fluorescent lamp spectrum. The   color temperature is higher, the proportion of the blue area is greater .

5. Large illumination, uniform brightness

The illuminance is the luminous flux on the unit area of the subject surface. Straight forward is to open the lamp, have a look at the coverage area of the light, and observe if the distribution of light is uniform,whether the degree of light and dark is particularly evident, all these differences are not too big.

Long time to read a book or write in the dim light , easy to cause visual fatigue, serious time can cause myopia.

DELED suggests: study desk lamp illume range, should be the distribution of illuminance is the lesser the better, that is to say the light distribution wants even. So try to choose a large area light lamp, and the projected area is large. It is not easy to produce glare and large areas of shadow.

6. product certification and after-sales service

Try to choose good brand reputation. And purchase product at credible business .The product must have the product certificate, such as CCC certification that regular eye protection products have,and also in the validity period.

The brand products manufactured by the big company of the strength specification, the after-sales service is more secure, the customer benefit can be guaranteed.

There is no artifact on the way to protect your eyes, and scientific eyes are the key.
There are some points when use the eye protection lamp:

To control the brightness distribution of the vision. In general, the desk lamp that shield an eye reading area and around the reading area under the appropriate intensity of illumination in the range of 3:1, so that the brightness of the suitable environment can improve visual acuity, reduce visual fatigue.

Avoid glare interference from the site. The reading room should be used anti- glare lamps ,which uniform glare value should meet the national standard.

The home furnishing should make full use of natural light. The human eye is developed and grown in natural light. Primary school students reading books at home should be arranged near the light window.

Finally, the most important thing is that for a long time with eye fatigue, eye and body are the same, should have a rest after a period of working time. Desk lamp is only external factors, the key is to relax your eyes halfway through your homework to solve this problem.

The products of our company ,have novel design, beautiful modelling , can meet the grade A  light country standard.

LED light source 、energy saving and environmental protection, eye protection and anti-flicker, anti-glare and uv light, and can meet more environment.

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